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The “ARKA-Lab,” is the Visionary Institute’s groundbreaking 5 DAY LABORATORY and experiential retreat that invites students, researchers, and practitioners from all disciplinary backgrounds to converge together to develop their unique visions in the potently charged environment of our rainforest campus. During this deep immersion in Nature, participants are introduced to new methodologies that expand visionary thinking, develop a conscious awareness of the motives, and context of their work and a renewed perspective of their goals. These workshops can be very challenging and the results, transformative! The ARKA-Lab offers a catalytic space where participants can deeply explore the subjective contexts of their practices, forge deeper and more authentic connections to their work, and align their creative visions with their lives’ purpose. 

This program is open to creatives of all levels and backgrounds. No formal application is required. Just fill out the form below and complete your deposit. We look forward to seeing you in Peru!

Programme Price 1295 USD (6 Days)

Deposit 400 USD

All food and lodging while at the rainforest campus is included. Accommodation and breakfast is offered in Pucallpa. Transportation not included.

**The ARKA-Lab may be attended alone or in conjunction with the Arkana Summer Incubation Programme.

However, those who wish to attend only the Arka-Lab are not required to enter the review process but can simply reserve below by filling out the application form and paying the deposit with the form below.

August 20th-25th, 2018.

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