Arkana Peru Creative Residency 2018

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The ARKANA Creative Incubator Program

December 8th-21st, 2018.

The ARKANA Creative Incubation Program is a residency designed for creative practitioners and researchers wishing to experience a deep cultural and creative immersion in the Upper Amazon rainforest of Peru. The incubators or three week residencies held in the Rainforest campus allow Creators to explore new practices and methodologies, have transformative learning experiences, and develop a unique project while receiving professional feedback and support. Creators learn from the “ground up” how to work in a a highly stimulating and unique environment that inspires innovation and creative and intellectual expansion. Arkana’s mission is to encourage creative and intercultural knowledge exchange and participation across disciplines on socially meaningful projects. While incubating their own projects, Creators can also collaborate with other Creators and local organizations on initiatives that have a lasting impact on the host community. Creators are also encouraged to propose talks and workshops and immerse themselves in the rich local culture.

Participation in the Creative Incubator Offers:

  • Opportunities to explore the rainforest and region and deeply experience local and indigenous ancient traditions as well as contemporary arts and cultural practices and research. 
  • Collaborations with local and indigenous artists, professors, institutions, and organizations in community projects and creative workshops.
  • Mentoring and/or curatorial support through one-to-one meetings.
  • Cross-pollinations with other participating Creators 
  • Exhibition, performance, or presentation at the end of the residency to the local creative community.

2018 ARKANA THEME: Biophilia

In synergy with ARKANA’s own emergence as a completely sustainable and biophilic centre and institute in the Amazon rainforest, the theme of the 2018 Creator Incubators is Biophila.  Our relationship to the planet has always been fraught by terror and desire but ultimately and infinitely fixed in its interdependence. Try as we might, can never be separate from what we are. Biophilia, introduced and popularized by Charles Wilson, as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life,” asks us to consider the ways and means we can imagine a deeper, more immersive and empathetic reciprocity between us and the planet that has borne us.

Read more about our annual theme which will be the subject of our 2018 Visionary Institute.

Duration of Incubators and Deadlines

The ARKANA Creator Summer Incubator is now accepting submissions for ongoing residencies that will take place on our Rainforest Campus, during the Christmas break of 2018-2019 (December 8th-21st) Residencies are approximately 2 weeks in duration and the deadline is 1st of October 1st, 2018 for applications.  


The ARKANA Creator Incubator supports applications on the 2019 theme Biophilia from Creatives working with Creators who are:

  • Working across across cultural and disciplinary paradigms
  • Interested in creative research or con-traditional and/or new experimental methodologies
  • Willing to collaborate in part towards local socially and culturally relevant projects with other creatives and partner organizations.

These selected participants will be working across the following fields:

  • The Arts: visual arts, media arts, literature, theatre, architecture and design
  • The Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Medicine (traditional and holistic), and the Natural Sciences

Private and shared accommodation at our Rainforest Campus. (some meals are included)

Fees and support:

2500 USD (includes accommodation and some meals) 

500 USD  registration fee to be paid upon acceptance + remaining fee – $2000 – to be paid prior to arrival.

Creators willing to take part in our programme are expected to self-fund or apply for funding to cover costs involved. Please have a look at the following link for potential funding sources: (we are happy to support all successful applicants with invitation letters).

Expectations of the Creator
Leading workshops or talks at local schools and groups.  Final show/Open studio/Presentation at the end of the residency.

Selection process
By Committee.

Submission process
Complete Application below and follow with submission by email: resume, 500 word creative proposal, 3 samples of work in digital form.

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