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Visionary Education for a Sustainable Future

August 15-29th, 2018.

The Visionary Institute launches its summer programming in 2018 with a two week Creative Incubation Programme taking place in August on both our Rainforest campus and in the city of Pucallpa and the surrounding Ucayali region.  Bringing together key thinkers, creators, and wisdom keepers from Peru and across the world on ecologically themed and socially-driven projects. This unique trans-disciplinary program facilitates intercultural collaboration between international students and practitioners and the local and indigenous arts and culture community. Under the guidance of our mentors, participants have a once in a life time experience to expand and develop their personal vision and creative goals while giving back to local communities in meaningful ways.

Once accepted, students can choose on of three interdisciplinary streams of research for the summer:

  • Ecology and Cultural Innovation (Includes the arts, design, architecture, education, the social sciences and humanities)
  • Ecology and Consciousness (Psychology, Philosophy, Religion)
  • Ecology and the Natural Sciences 


The Arkana Visionary Institute is a revolutionary two week experiential study programme in the rainforest where participants deeply explore their own personal methodologies and forge deep and lasting connections with their cohort. For the first few days, participants embark on a voyage of discovery in the Upper Amazon, exploring the rich arts and culture of the Ucayali region. They participate in field trips in the rainforest and surrounding Ucayali river basin, visit indigenous communities, and take part in fascinating workshops that examine the critical connections between culture, ecology, and sustainability. During this period they will also visit local organizations and schools where they will have the opportunity to elect a mentor a who will work with them on their chosen final project for the next 10 days.

During the next 5 days, students participate in the revolutionary ARKA-LAB in the rainforest. This is the iterative phase of the programme where students are challenged to explore their subjective practice and methodological approach while formulating their concepts for their final presentation.

The final four days are devoted to documentation of their projects, connecting with their appointed mentors, and completing their final presentation during a special symposium held in Pucallpa. The mission of the Institute is provide a transformative and culturally immersive learning experience where students develop their creative vision on real-world projects in collaboration with other students, practitioners and educators. 

Visionary Institute Application:

Spaces are open to participants who are interested in creative innovations between the arts, sciences, and humanities.  To apply, students must submit a proposal with supporting examples of work.


Private and shared accommodation at our Rainforest Campus. (some meals are included)

Fees and support:

3000 USD (includes accommodation and some meals) 

500 USD  registration fee to be paid upon acceptance + remaining fee – $2500 – to be paid prior to arrival.

Creators willing to take part in our programme are expected to self-fund or apply for funding to cover costs involved. Please have a look at the following link for potential funding sources: (we are happy to support all successful applicants with invitation letters).

Expectations of the Creator
Leading workshops or talks at local schools and groups.  Final show/Open studio/Presentation at the end of the residency.

Selection process
By Committee.

Submission process
Complete Application below and follow with submission by email: resume, 500 word creative proposal, 3 samples of work in digital form.

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