Arkana Peru

Would you like an educational experience that is out of this world?

Arkana Peru is a “creatives” run educational organization whose mission is intercultural knowledge exchange and creative collaboration across the disciplines on culturally and socially driven projects.

Situated in the Upper Amazon of Peru, our unique rainforest campus offers a innovative visionary summer institute and creative residences “Creator Incubators,” building both a community and a catalytic space for free thought and praxis across cultures and disciplines that transcends traditional  education.  Arkana draws inspiration from esoteric and traditional indigenous knowledge paradigms that centre personal autonomy, subjective experience, and visionary leadership.

Working closing with the local community and organizations, Arkana strives to offer immersive and transformative learning experiences that foster cross-cultural participation, creative collaboration and ecological awareness in the magical environment of the Amazon Rainforest. Our faculty is composed of local and international scholars, artists, practitioners, and wisdom keepers.

Arkana’s Mission in a Nutshell

    •   The development of innovative experience-based methodologies and creative research across the disciplines with a focus on            both subjective process and collective praxis.

    •   Education about and preservation of indigenous and local knowledges, pedagogies and cultural practices including support              for creative “participations” and learning opportunities between indigenous and non-indigenous communities.

    •   Environmental custodianship and research and innovation in “relational” methods of living (biophilic) and community                    building.


Visionary Institute

The Arkana Summer Visionary Institute — Opening 2018! 

Open to creative researchers of any disciplinary background, Arkana’s unique trans-disciplinary three year (three summers) programme brings together key thinkers on the subject of Art, Design, Ecology, and Cultural Innovation from Peru and across the world. The Summer Visionary Institute takes place over the period of six weeks in July and August, culminating with a weeklong international symposium.  Under the guidance of our mentors and teachers, students expand, develop, and foster personal autonomy in their creative process to become visionary leaders on their own projects and professions. More information about the Summer Visionary Institute here.

The ARKA-Lab

Opening the Visionary Institute, Arkana host its its groundbreaking Imagination “ARKA-Lab,” set in our Rainforest Campus. During this transformative two-week long intensive, students are introduced to innovative new methodologies to expand visionary thinking and creativity through various unique practices, workshops, and fieldtrips in the rainforest and the Ucayali region.  Admission is by application. Find out more about our unique Summer Visionary Institute and Imagination “ARKA-Lab” here.

Arkana’s Creative Incubators

Creative Incubators are four-week long residency programmes offered to creative practitioners or interdisciplinary scholars who wish to develop a specific project under our mentorship at our faculty Rainforest Campus. The incubators take place four times throughout the year: the Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring Incubators. Proposed projects must relate directly to the overall mission and annual theme. For more information about the Creator Incubators.

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