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Arkana Perú is dedicated to the long-term conservation of the rainforest and the arts and culture of the region. Part of our developing plan involves the conservation of a large area of rainforest situated in the province of Huánuco, close to the Ucayali border (Pucallpa). An area of startling beauty and uniqueness, it was the ancestral homeland of the Cashibo people and is still rich with indigenous culture. Situated in one of Perú’s oldest oil fields, you can find many ancient geological formations and species of plants and animals, including a boiling river that runs for up to 7 km through the territory! The boiling river, known to locals in Quechua as Shanay-timpiska (Heated by the Sun), is not connected by any volcanic system and is perhaps unique in the world.  It has become a place of both natural and cultural importance to the local people who see this land as sacred.

Please see our slideshow to learn more about Arkana Arts conservation mandate and discover below how you can contribute to PHASE 2 of our project!

Conservation Project Phase 2: $55 000

Arkana Conservation Concession Application and Development Plan

At this moment, we are involved in the finalization of our conservation concession application to the province of Huánuco to obtain custodianship of this site. This is the vital first step first huge step in securing protection for these precious lands and rivers.  This conservation application process is involved and expensive, involving the completion of a detailed dossier of maps and data about the territory.  Already so much has been invested by a community of passionate people who want this project to succeed! After approval, we will need to pay the government about $3000 in concession fees and expenses. This land concession will grant us to the right to restore and conserve the land with a 40 year renewable lease.

The Second Stage or PHASE 2 is completing an environmental development plan and sourcing sustainably harvested local and endangered species of trees to be replanted on site. Tragically, the area has suffered a criminal level of deforestation in places. Pucallpa has the sad reputation of being one of the centres of the illegal trade in tropical timber. It is estimated that up to 90 per cent of timber originating in the Peruvian Amazon is illegally extracted or traded (Hidalgo and Chirinos, 2005). Another way the rainforest is being destroyed is through legally (and illegally) obtained agricultural and timber concessions. Thousands of hectares of rainforest are being felled to palm oil plantations, one of the biggest and fastest growing exports out of Peru. Additionally, local cattle ranchers and illegal squatters are also culprits. Not only does this destroy the precious local ecology and untold numbers of rare and still yet undiscovered specimens of plant and animals, but also our oxygen reserves for future generations!

The Ucayali-Huánuco region is a high intensity hotspot for deforestation in Peru with an estimated 23,240 hectares of rainforest being destroyed in 2017 alone. The image below shows dramatic transformation occurring on the land. The Arkana concession is situated on the Ucalayi-Huánuco border, at the epi-centre of this crisis.


Our concession for conservation will be one of the first local and legally obtained reserves that is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the local habitat! 

Our plan is to raise $55 000 USD to secure the concession and form a developmental research plan to restore and reforest the area and develop a site plan for the centre. This will involve a detailed survey of the land and the planting of thousands of rainforest plants. Our plan is to try to recreate the native biome as much as possible with the future hopes that both animals and plants will thrive in the area again. We also plan to settle animals that have been orphaned or rescued from the illegal rare animal trade.  An important part of the project will be the installation of a high fence around the entire perimeter of the area, with elevated cameras that will survey the land at all the times. This will protect wildlife from being poached and prevent the illegal entry of opportunistic woodsmen.  We also hope to create a satellite security system that will produce real time footage of the area and hire local campesinos (small scale farmers) to guard the concession at all times.

Arkana Research Station

In addition, our plan is to build a small research base camp and monitoring station on site with satellite communications equipment. This will provide an important space in which to develop our environmental plan and stay in active communication with our security until the centre is built. It should provide residential space for up to five people and areas for cooking and washing.

Our basecamp may look something like this. Constructed with sustainably harvested wood and metal, this stilted building would give us an excellent visibility of the surrounding rainforest. Architectural plans to follow soon.

You can help us protect this precious rainforest for future generations!

Click on the link below to learn how you can get involved, receive unique gifts, and even visit us in Peru as a founding member of our institute!

Arkana Conservation Project : Phase 2

$1,025 of $55,000 raised

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Phase Two: Arkana Land Conservation Concession and Development Plan

Help Make Our Vision a Reality!

We are hoping to raise $55 000  to secure a land conservation concession from the province of Huanuco and launch our conservation project. This is a critical step in protecting the forest from possible destruction from ongoing deforestation and will be directly invested in concession fees and the development of a sustainable environmental management and reforestation plan with consultants that will protect this delicate region for the future to come. We will also be building a tall security fence to protect the forest from poachers and a small research station where we can be continuously in constant with the ground.

Your contribution will ensure the protection of this vulnerable, sacred region that is revered by the local indigenous population and habitat to thousands of rare and endangered species of plants and animals as well as the site of unique geological phenomena –the boiling river!

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Donate and Receive a Unique Gift!

25$ Level Donations Adopt a Rainforest Plant! This level allows us to give a local or endangered rainforest plant a home! These donations will contribute to the core of our reforestation funding raising project. You will receive a special certificate as thanks for your donation and fascinating information about your adopted rainforest plant! 

50$ Level Donations become an honorary member and receive a unique and authentic piece of Shipibo embroidery from the Shipibo heartland of Peru!

$100 Level 3 Donations will receive a print of a well known local visionary artist, former student of the well known artist and shaman, Pablo Amaringo!

$500 Level 4 Donations  will receive: an authentic Shipibo wall hanging or print, be welcomed as an honorary founding member of Arkana and our guest at the Arkana site to experience a fascinating ecological weekend adventure retreat in the at our rainforest site in the Upper Amazon of Peru.

$1000 Level 5 Donations will receive: an authentic Shipibo wall hanging, be welcomed as an honorary founding member of Arkana and our guest at the Arkana site in Peru to experience fascinating cultural experiences in a magical four day  immersion, including a tour of the Ucayali river to visit indigenous Shipibo communities and an eco adventure to the magical Arkana site!

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