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Rainforest campus

Arkana’s Rainforest Campus: Nature is Our Teacher

Arkana Perú’s Rainforest campus is situated three hours outside of the Upper Amazonian city of Pucallpa in the province of Huánuco, a region utterly unique and one of the most richest and bio-diverse areas on the planet.  The Peruvian Amazon possesses the largest number of bird species and the third-largest number of mammals in the world. Here, you a forest full of the most spectacular flora and fauna: towering medicine trees and exotic flowers, a huge variety of exotic birds, monkeys, sloths, iridescent frogs, butterflies and other fascinating small mammals and insects. At Arkana, we follow ancient indigenous traditions that view Nature as a loving mother, teacher, and guide. With a concentrated immersion in the rainforest, you can experience profound knowledge and healing and expand your creativity beyond what you thought possible.

Experience, Create, Reciprocate

Arkana’s rainforest site is in one of the most ecologically unique places in the world. Running through our land is the Shanay-timpiska, a thermal river that reaches temperatures beyond boiling point and runs for miles through the jungle.  Utterly unique in its scale and properties, geological research has been conducted over the past couple of years to have the river recognized as a natural wonder of the world!

The river runs through precious rainforest that is currently under threat from deforestation by illegal logging. Through the cooperative vigilance of Arkana Perú, Santuario Huishtin, and other important allies such as The Boiling River Project,  we are seeking to preserve the river and its delicate ecosystem.  Arkana Perú is building a sustainable centre for creativity and research, where artists, scientists, and creative people from all disciplinary backgrounds can converge in our in this primordial paradise to collaborate on meaningful projects that will have a lasting value to local communities and to the planet. At the moment we are embarking on an intensive conservation programme to prevent further deforestation and restoring ecological balance to the land. 

You can play an integral part is saving our rainforest!

Follow this link to discover how you can get involved with our Conservation Project.

Arkana Conservation Project

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