Santuario Huishtin

Santuario Huishtin

Across the steamy Shanay-timpiska river is a centre for shamanic discovery centre, Santuario Huishtin where you can work with transformative traditional Amazon medicines in the peace and beauty of the Amazon rainforest forest. Santuario Huishtin, which translates roughly as Sanctuary of Starlight, is the home and lifelong passion of Maestro curandero and vegetalista (plant spirit shaman), Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez and his family.  A former apprentice of Master Ashaninka shaman Juan Flores of Mayantuyacu, for over thirty years Maestro Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez has studied the many plants, vines, and trees of the forest in the tradition of Vegetalismo, the ancestral knowledge of his indigenous forebearers. Santiago Enrrique has developed a profound intuition of working with plant medicines and diagnosing a wide variety of maladies both physical and spiritual in nature.  Whether international travelers or local villagers, there is a constant flow of visitors to Santuario to seek healing and guidance from the Maestro.

Maestro Santiago and his family are important allies and consultants to Arkana Peru. Their support wisdom, expertise, and kindness is essential to the success of our project. In addition, they will be generously offering the comforts and familiarity of their lodge for our programming until Arkana is built. After this point, they will continue to be provide valuable services to our guests as well as partnership on many important activities including ecological tours, workshops and ceremonies in traditional plant medicines, group hosting, and seminars. Maestro Santiago Enrrique, his wife and curandera, Ayme, and their wonderful family are an integral part of Arkana Peru and its future goals and success. Their warmth and kindness will give precious value to any programming that is offered by Arkana. 

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Maestro Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez and his wife, Ayme, also a curandera.

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