The Tambo Project

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The Tambo Project: An Innovative Experiment in Collaborative Design

Arkana Peru’s core mission is creative collaboration across cultures and disciplines. For this reason, we believe our centre should be constructed and developed in the same spirit. Over the next five years, Arkana will evolve as a collaboration with a network of passionate students and partner organizations and institutions. Together we will pool our creative resources to develop authentic and sustainable design solutions that synergises with the unique ecology and culture of the region. Arkana will evolve as being a centre that is both resilient and responsive to the needs of its community. As an experiential school and research centre, one of the unique aspects of Arkana’s architectural site is the construction of live/work residential spaces where creative researchers can spend extended time developing their projects. Modelled on the concept of a traditional tambo, a simple single person dwelling dedicated to long term immersion with traditional plant medicines in the rainforest, these residential spaces will be a highly unique and central architectural feature in Arkana’s design and operations. 

The Situate Design Build Summer Studio 

Arkana Peru is working in collaboration with Toronto based international architectural summer studio, Situate Design Build, to develop important aspects of the centre in an on-going five-year building project. Situate Design Build offers architecture students from any architecture programme a fascinating experience developing their concepts and designs on site in Peru and in collaboration with local Peruvian students. Future development of the “tambo” project involves cooperation with prestigious Peruvian universities and architecture programmes such as the PUCP: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and the Ricardo Palma Universities, both based in Lima.

The Tambo Project

Last summer, our inaugural group of Situate Design Build students came from Humber College programme of architecture and interior design. After spending a number of weeks in June developing their concepts in Toronto, our young designers embarked to Peru where they experienced one action-packed week of adventure. After first visiting important archaeological and architectural sites and partner educational institutions in Lima, they travelled on to the bustling Amazonian city of Pucallpa where the connected with local organizations and explored the Ucayali region. Finally, they made the trek to the Arkana Peru in the rainforest and the site of the famous boiling river, the Shanay-timpiska. Their mission? To brainstorm designs for the first tambos or live/work studio tree houses that will be an important contribution to Arkana’s design. Informed by the latest scientific research into the essential importance of exposure to nature to creativity and healing, tambos are both sustainable buildings and biophilic spaces, designed for long term creative residencies at the centre. 

Arkana Peru

The results? The students had a fantastic time! They visited the rivers and explored the forest like intrepid explorers. They made new connections and friends. They experienced nature and culture they had never seen before. Finally, they developed some truly innovative design solutions after spending four days at the Arkana site and three days developing their ideas in Pucallpa. These designs will be featured on the website when completed and will inform the building of a new structure on the site in the upcoming year.

Our Tambo Project is ongoing for the next five years. If you are a young designer or architecture student looking for an incredible learning experience, contact us! We’ll send you an information package on how you can get involved in exciting future Situate Design Build studios at Arkana as either an institution or individual.

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